SARJ Plus charging stations for electric cars

Configuration of SARJ Plus charging stations for electric cars

Our customers have the ability to charge their EV at three types of SARJ Plus smart charging stations for electric vehicles

base station (AC) 10-43 kW for J1772/Type2 (Mennekes), full car charge takes 2-3 hours

Fast (DC) 40-160 kW for CHAdeMO/CCS2, where full charging of the electric car is carried out in a time interval from 20 to 60 minutes and depends on the battery capacity and the model of the car.

Mobile charging station
Minibus-based mobile EV charging station is equipped with CHAdeMO, CCS Combo 2 and GB / t fast charging ports. The solution combines a 40 kW internal generator and a 40 kW * h battery.

Wall AC charging station​ with Type 1, Type 2 plug

Ground AC charging station with Type 1/Type 2 plug

Fast charging DC commercial station 40-160 kW, with set of connectors: CHAdeMO/cable Type 2/CCS

City Format commercial DC station, 60, 80, 120, 160 kW three-port, connectors-cables: CCS, CHAdeMO, Type 2

Model range of

Model range of SARJ Plus charging stations for electric cars is represented by its own developments, which are suitable for different types of station use - commercial and home, and are possible with individual configuration:

Advantages of charging electric cars with SARJ Plus stations

individual design

rapid installation and efficient station installation

high data processing speed about the charging session

multi-payment support of charging session

white label network software for charging stations

mobile application with the feature list of the online Personal account

Plug&Charge function support

сonvenient station management

SARJ Plus is a developer and manufacturer of electric charging stations from Turkey, so we can make EV charging stations for your unique design and needs. Send us a request and receive an individual commercial offer

Our company offers an innovative IT solution for managing charging stations in small locations (private parking, company parking, residential complexes) and a full cycle system for commercial use of charging stations. We are an engineering company in Turkey, which is known for its IT professionals and efficient pricing solutions. We also manage our own network of SARJ Plus, which means our solutions are functional and tested in practice.

As for the mobile application SARJ Plus, developed by the company, the following functionality is avaliable:

EV charging station map search

charging session management


charging session statistics

charging station booking

By purchasing and installing SARJ Plus EV charging equipment, the owner of the charging station is guaranteed to get a greater customer coverage.

If you are interested in purchasing an electric car charger, SARJ Plus ev charging station price is competitive. Partnership of SARJ Plus with Siemens, Schneider Electric and other well-known companies gives an opportunity to purchase equipment at reduced prices and not to doubt its quality. We have developed a convenient and quality service.

Design of electric car charging stations by SARJ Plus is modern, vandal-proof and complies with the quality requirements of such products (our certificates) We constantly update our models and their conformity with the requirements of the market and consumer needs.

We have proposed a new approach to the development of electric vehicles infrastructure in the country. We have connected the world brands for the supply of charging stations. We have made the mobile application modern, and at the same time, easy to use.

We are pleased to see you among our partners and regular customers.